Keep Ontario Working

The Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce is working with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Keep Ontario Working Coalition to advocate on behalf of our businesses to reduce the      unintended consequences of Bill 148.

The impact

$23 billion hit to business over the next two years alone;
185,000 Ontario jobs will be at immediate risk over the next two years;
30,000 of the jobs at risk are youth under 25;
96,000 employees at risk are expected to be women;
50% increase to inflation for this year and the foreseeable future. The cost of everyday consumer goods and services will go up by $1,300 per household on average each and every year;
The Ontario government would need to borrow $440 million more to cover the increases in new costs from this legislation. If the government were to provide offsets to businesses, as they have indicated, the province’s treasury will take a bigger hit;
Municipalities will be forced to increase employee wages by $500 million without additional offsetting revenues.